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Welcome to Studio A.

Pysanky, Mixed Media and Graphic Design in the River Arts District.

Imagine being surrounded only by things that are hand-made, created with love and inspired by spirit. Studio A is one such place where the vibrant artist and designer, Andrea Kulish creates Ukrainian pysanky eggs and mixed media art as well as her graphic design work.

Andrea creates pysanky using traditional Ukrainian patterns as well as her own modern designs. The creation of the eggs is very personal and meaningful to her because it is a tradition her mom passed down to her starting when she was only five years old. For her, the making of the eggs is both a way of expressing her creativity, connecting with her late Mom, who as an artist herself was a huge inspiration, and also a way to keep this rare Ukrainian folk tradition alive. It is a unique part in the mosaic of America’s varied cultural heritage. Andrea is very excited to share the making of the eggs with people and will be doing live demos and workshops for those who want to dive deeper in the pysanky egg making artform.


Andrea is very excited to be part of the River Arts District and draws inspiration from the rich and vibrant artist community. She is eager to continue making her contributions as a member of this community and grateful for the opportunity to share her work.


Studio A is a creative space where you will find Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs, supplies and workshops, mixed media artwork, notecards + gifts, woodcut prints, upcycled scrap metal jewelry by Skrapmonkey, as well as live demonstrations. As a graphic designer, Andrea specializes in print design. Learn, watch and create to your heart’s content and let Studio A be your inspiration.




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