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Family Portrait blank notecards
  • Family Portrait blank notecards


    "Family Portrait" is an original piece of art printed for you on lovely blank notecards. Four 5" x 3.5" notecards and matching white envelopes bundled together with twine. These make great stocking stuffers and/or a gift for yourself. The perfect size for thank you notes or a short note to a friend.

    My mother loved owls, and so do I. This represents my family- my parents and me. My Father is on the left, Mom in the middle, and I'm the one on the right. This is for anyone who loves owls and nature. Also great for families of three or families with three siblings.

    This is truly mixed media. The branches are painted with a twig, the lower branch is charcoal. The owl on the left is done with charcoal, the one in the middle with mascara and a mascara brush, and the one on the right is painted with a feather, all on a background of paper that I marbled.

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