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Poppies archival print

Poppies archival print


"Poppies" is an original piece of art printed for you on Epson cold press bright archival paper. Color is guaranteed to last 100 years.

The art is inspired by a field of Poppies in Evergreen, Colorado. I had taken a photo and then drew the scene. The original is pencil and gouache. It is done in a mostly realistic style, and upon close inspection you can see that a section of the grasses and plants have been stylized with a traditional Ukrainian touch.

Poppies are a big theme in Ukrainian art. There are a lot of poppies in Ukraine. This scene was the first time I saw a real field of poppies. It took two weeks of working every day to complete this piece.

Paper size: 8.5" x 11"
image size: 7.4" x 9.25"

Can fit in a store-bought 10" x 12" frame, also looks lovely custom framed with either a black mat and frame or white.

Signed by the artist.

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