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Reindeer + Chicks Purple Pysanka Egg Sticker
  • Reindeer + Chicks Purple Pysanka Egg Sticker


    Pysanky Egg Stickers - Reindeer, Chicks, Apple Trees, Flowers, Suns, Waves, Eternity Lines. Illustrated pysanky stickers of my Mother's original design. Reindeer are a symbol for wealth and prosperity. Apple trees are for fruitfulness. Suns are a wish for good fortune. Lines encircling the egg represent long life. Waves symbolize abundance. Chicks are for fulfillment of wishes, or fertility, whichever one applies to you. Purple is for patience, trust, power and faith. Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs. Now in sticker form. Small size, medium and large, or, chicken, duck and emu. Sizes: Small (Chicken): 2.25 H x 1.75 W. Medium (Duck): 2.75 H x 2.25 W. Large/Car (Emu): 5.25 H x 4.25 W. Vinyl sticker. This design is based on the design of one of the only pysanky I have that my Mother made. These took a whole day to draw as I made every dot different, hand touched each element.

    Small/Chicken 2.50
    Medium/Duck 3.50
    Large/Emu 5.50

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