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Songbirds & Sweetgum archival print

Songbirds & Sweetgum archival print


"Songbirds and Sweetgum" is an original piece of art printed for you on Epson cold press bright archival paper. Color is guaranteed to last 100 years.

The art is inspired by a sweet gum branch at the bird sanctuary at Beaver Lake in Asheville, North Carolina. The original is pencil and gouache on top of paper that I marbled.

The different colored birds represent the wish that everyone can be friends no matter what color their hair or feathers are. Its all about friendship and equality, along with love of nature. This is the second in my series, the first being "Birds on a Roof," which is a scene in my former hometown, Boston. I have a love of birds and have recently become an Audubon Bird Ambassador.

Paper size: 7.5" x 7"
image size: 5.85" x 5.3"

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