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Tree of Life + Reindeer Pysanka Egg Sticker

Tree of Life + Reindeer Pysanka Egg Sticker


Pysanky Egg Stickers - Tree of Life, Reindeer, Waves, Eternity Lines, Petals and a large sun on the bottom. Illustrated pysanky stickers of a traditional design, which was my favorite when I was a little girl- I would write this pysanka each week during Lent! The tree of life is a wish for good health, long life and strength. Reindeer are a symbol for wealth and prosperity. Lines encircling the egg represent long life. Waves symbolize abundance. Suns are a wish for good fortune. Black is for remembrance and signifies the darkest time before the dawn. Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs. Now in sticker form! Small size, medium and large, or, chicken, duck and emu. Sizes: Small (Chicken): 2.25 H x 1.75 W. Medium (Duck): 2.75 H x 2.25 W. Large/Car (Emu): 5.25 H x 4.25 W. Vinyl sticker. 

Small/Chicken 2.50
Medium/Duck 3.50
Large/Emu 5.50

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